Results Based Dog Training – The Real Positive Side of Dog Training

You have a dog that desperately needs training. You have read dozens of websites looking for someone who has the answers to your dogs issues. But frankly, you are confused by all the terminology that you are reading. All you want is a well behaved and mannerly dog – no more jumping, digging, biting, barking, nipping, pulling you down the street; counter surfing and refusing to come when called – to name a few.

You may have more serious issues, dog to dog aggression, dog to people aggression, food aggression, resource guarding, your dog may have nipped or bitten someone. Again, you are met with a plethora of terminology on why your dog is presenting these behaviors. All of which results in confusing you further with terminology you are unclear about. Why is this so hard? How do you find the answers to your questions and more importantly, how do you choose a trainer that provides the help and guidance that your dog needs? You love your dog, you want to keep your dog, but you are nearing the end of your rope.

You have tolerated all the issues your dog has displayed, and frankly, you need help NOW! You want all those issues to disappear and you want to see results on the first visit from the trainer – I don’t blame you.

So how do you decide what to do? Simply stated – You are looking for results based training – not a comparison of one method against the other. So the real positive side of dog training is not in the method alone, it is in the results. You are seeking a trainer who crafted their abilities to extinguish unwanted behaviors by working with the dog and the owners and produced results immediately.

The above four paragraphs describe the clients we see all day, every day, seven days a week. My clients see results in minutes, instead of weeks and months. The majority of my clients are on a six week training schedule – one visit per week, for six weeks will produce a happy, well trained dog and the issues will be gone and your dog will be off-leash trained in the same six week period. Guaranteed

If you are looking for results, the first step is a phone call, 214.463.5461 or 214.463.5035. We will schedule a time, that is convenient for you, to come and assess your dog at no charge. We will share our assessment with you and demonstrate to you how to get control of your dog and produce the best trained dog ever.